Shocking omission: Nikka Costa’s ‘everyone has their stuff’


Shocking omission: Nikka Costa’s ‘everyone has their stuff’

The article is part of a series of entertainers or albums celebrating NPR’s music list of the 150 greatest female albums.

For Nikka Costa, Superstardom should be a foregone conclusion. She has a pedigree: music producer and daughter of Don Costa’s daughter and Frank Sinatra’s daughter, who even sang with the President at the age of nine. She has been on stage and has been performing overseas for years – including the opening of a stadium for the thunder rock star AC/DC. Attractive and dynamic, sports red, medusa’s curly hair, costa rica’s more woody than the video shrew; A heartfelt song writer wishes in a voice that combines the divine power of aretha with a few minutes of yannis’s file.

But in the us, Nikka Costa has long been regarded as an inexperienced music industry standard. That should change in 2001; After several international releases, she released her first U.S. album, “Everybody Got Their Something.” The album is a passionate announcement that she is getting rid of her fears and living her damn life, and is a series of improvisations, wa and and uninhibited samples. “Every star has time to shine,” she sings, a song of equalitarian empowerment. Joint production of a child prodigy DJ mark ronson, everyone got what they also rodomontade soul, hip-hop musician real justice league, including gen. “quist rove” Thompson, Pino Palladino and James Poyser – with the help of Billy Preston late, what new one thousand wedding songs should be: “Just Because”, this is a kind of R&B love statement, for slow card cliche,. Everyone for voice and anger, punk, pop, jazz and soul of the Gospel and grinding, and it is worth in the national public radio music recently made the 150 greatest songs of the slot list of women.


A new company offers regular folks the chance to invest in music. So… is music a good investment?

But everyone didn’t click with everyone. Although overall evaluation is very good, but the album’s sales have been poor, even in the Tommy Hilfiger advertising before the album laughed at technofunk single “Like A Feather”, the album sales but only the Billboard 200 list of the 120 copies. (the feature, by the way, is a blink – you’ll miss a young, confident Mark Ronson.)

The table was set, but only a few came to the feast. Why is that? For starters, Nikka Costa is unlikely to be trapped.

“[Everybod y] is not easy to sell,” Costa, 45, told NPR. “This is before its time.”

Costa’s music influence ranges from Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Radiohead to Aretha Franklin, Betty Davis and Stevie Wonder’s “sunk soul.” Her father exposed her to the standards of jazz and the era of the big band, and she was attracted to hip-hop music at the time. Costa rica’s unbounded love of music, the control of her voice, and the texture and agility of her voice, won me. “It gave me a kind of crazy, comprehensive appreciation,” she said. “I can’t stick to a genre.”

So how do you sell the cross-pollination of this volcano music, especially relative unknown? Former social media and YouTube, which Costa and her record label Virgin Records can’t find. Costa’s “Like A Feather” music video was shown on MTV and other channels, and there was no fanfare. Radio broadcasts, and then the necessary statements in the making of the star wheel, proved to be insuperable by the infamy of the station’s notorious race and format.

“‘ what is she? ! Is she rock? Is she crazy? ‘” said costa, referring to herself. Her music could not easily be classified, blocking many radio producers. “They don’t know where to play with me.”

Her album may have had a bad time. Costa said the upheaval in virgin records caused her album to be overseen by three different brand presidents. Besides, virgin and mariah Carey in April 2001 agreement of $80 million (per person) showing the previous month, then in less than one year’s time with singer or quarrelled expensive. Costa described the time as “cuckoo pants madness.”

Costa rica, said all these things – including in August 2001, virgin rising star aria, the tragic death – may bring harm to virgin team, because the virgin’s mission is to make everyone a mass audience. “All of these things actually become a team trying to work, or spending money trying to promote music,” she says.

Costa made it clear that she was not bitter (” why should I stay negative?” She said she was still singing on the album. “I’m very proud of what we’ve done,” she said.

Despite low sales, Costa says everyone has their stuff “put me on the map.” The Prince contacted her after hearing Everybody, which led to a friendship and a common performance (her new album, Nikka&Strings, in Between, was released in June, with Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” as the cover). The album clips have appeared in commercials, TV shows and movies, including Blow and All About Steve. But its biggest accomplishment may be its impact on the newest generation of singers.

“It’s really great,” Costa said. She says many record industry executives tell her that their new artist wants to make records like Everybody Got their Something. “It’s really powerful,” she said. “it makes me feel good, you know?”


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