Female retired navy and virus campaign ads hope to bridge the democratic gap.


Female retired navy and virus campaign ads hope to bridge the democratic gap.

A political AD for the retired Marine corps, Amy McGrath, is sweeping the Internet this week (or at least the political corners of the Internet), but she tells NPR that she doesn’t usually like to be cheated.

“People who know me know me as an introvert,” she said. “I’m not a person looking for attention.”

Nevertheless, nevertheless; When issued an advertisement Kentucky locals, announced that she will be in 2018 as the state’s 6th congressional district democratic person, she won the liberals, even for some conservatives left a deep impression. In advertising, McGrath not only aimed at the current republican Congressman Andy barr, but also to the senate majority leader, senator mitch McConnell of Kentucky had a fierce attack.

In the democratic campaign, NPR asked McGrath about her views on these efforts, the Democrats’ differences, the single payer’s health care and other important political issues. Her interview is below (and has been edited for length and clarity).

Interview window

How did you decide to run? Are you applying, or is it just your decision?

So it was all my decision. There’s a lot of discussion about democratic recruiting, and I’m kind of laughing when I’m going through the process of defining myself.

Because I said the Democrats didn’t recruit me; I recruited it. After the 2016 election, I imagined many americans, we just stepped back, and for me, I just refocused and tried to figure out what was going on. Who is the candidate, [and] how did we get here?

I realized I had to do something. I think I have two choices: I can accept things in their way, follow politics as usual, or I can accept responsibility for trying to change something and try to do something. That’s my response.

Will the 2016 election be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

I don’t think the 2016 election will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I want to say that this is the beginning of my real reflection, “hey, this is what I want to do.”

For I have broken the camel’s back straw is when spring republicans proposed repeal of the affordable care act act, there is no people like this terrible act, and they passed congress to push it without debate, no one knows what is in the bill, just to prove a political views.

You talked about not being recruited, but Democrats recruited veterans, especially women veterans in 2018. What do you think of this strategy when you check these two boxes?

I think it might – hopefully it will work.

I think, look. As for women, I don’t run as a woman – “vote for me!” But the fact is that compared with other western countries, the proportion of women in China’s legislature is very low.

Part of the problem is that women don’t run. We don’t run any jobs. It’s not that people voted overwhelmingly against us. We just don’t step on the plate. So we have to better recruit women and empower women.

About veterans, look. Our legislatures have fewer veterans in places like congress than ever before. [note: she is close at hand, but according to the congressional research institute, there was one more member at the beginning of the conference than at the beginning of the previous congress.] I feel this is a problem. Because veterans, they are the people who really put the country first. They put their lives on the front line, sacrificed themselves, and they know how to get things done.

So yes, I believe this strategy is a good strategy. Not because it would topple the democratic house of representatives — obviously I’m a democrat, I’m happy, I hope it happens. But I think it’s good for America. We need more women, we need more veterans.

Now there are differences between the Democrats, between the left and the centre. How is the party divided? Do you think you can help?

I think – not just Democrats. I think you see some real differences between republicans.

But there is a difference. So I think I can deal with this, or why I can make up for this difference is that I fully realize that if it’s not progressive – I mean real progress; The activists at the time – I wouldn’t have 20 years of work in government.

Because when I was 13, 14, said the government progressives when congress – most people said: “hey, women should not be flying in the battle, women shouldn’t do it” – that is progress, he said: “no, we should have the best people to do the work, our goal is to win and win the war, so we should have the best people.”

As for the more moderate, I spent 20 years as the us navy. When it comes to these foreign policy, defense policy issues and what we do overseas, I will be more realistic. So I really feel like I can connect to a more moderate person.

I also consider myself a fiscal conservative. What does that mean? For me, this means that we actually pay for the products and services that we want the government to provide. That’s what that means.

In primary school last year, were you Bernie sanders or Hillary Clinton supporter?

I’m a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

In your AD, you criticized Andy barr for supporting the republican health care act. What do you think about obamacare? Can a single payer support?

I like a single payer. So let me get it back. If we have the current structure. If we’re going to start again, we have to start from scratch, and say this is 10 years ago – I think we now know that a single payer will be the way.

But the truth is, we don’t have this. We have a huge healthcare infrastructure in the United States. Maybe what we should do is try to prop up obamacare and make it work. Make holes in it – and have some real holes; No one ever said the affordable care act was perfect – but let’s not lie and say it failed. This is not a failure.

Many kentuckians benefit. Even the republican kentuckians benefit from the affordable care act. Let’s talk about it, and actually try to prop it up and fill in the blanks. Even under the affordable care act, we still have a large number of americans still unable to afford health care.


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