TV commentary: season 7 “game of thrones” returns.


TV commentary: season 7 “game of thrones” returns.
It’s been more than a year since last season’s game ended. This is a program with a lot of characters and a lot of activities. How’s that? Our TV critic has a comment.
(voice of a TV show, “game of the game”)
MAISIE WILLIAMS :(just as Arya Stark) when people ask you what’s going on here, tell them they’re coming to House Frey in the winter.
David green, host:
Oh, yes, in the winter, NPR’s Eric Deggans talked about last night’s game of thrones. It was the premiere of the HBO sword and sandals saga’s seventh season. Good morning, Eric.
ERIC DEGGANS: good morning.
Edward green: shall we begin?
DEGGANS: we should start. We should start with the spoiler alert…
Edward green: good.
DEGGANS:… Let people know we’re going to talk about this Sunday night.
Edward green: yes, please accept the alarm. So what happened?
DEGGANS: well, I think it’s a great interlude. You know, our television critics – we talk about the concept of this is known as the desktop Settings, they have to locate many different roles to let them in the correct position, so at the beginning of this season really, really show the scene. “Game of thrones” must be done every season. I think they’re doing very well in this episode. It starts with the character that we heard at the beginning, and kills the toxic people in the room. (laughter)
Edward green: oh, good.
DEGGANS: and then we – yes, then we find the evil lannister brothers and sisters who control the iron throne. And then we have stark’s children, and they focus on the lance, because they killed their father. And we also have the mother of dragons, which also has a design on the iron throne. They are all plotting. They even sang as soldiers of the popular singer edhiram.
Edward green :(laughter) too good.
DEGGANS: so you must like it.
Edward green: I like that.
DEGGANS :(laughter).
Edward green: ok. So all of these table Settings – that’s why the episode is over, should we start?
DEGGANS: that’s true.
Edward green: but there’s not much time left. It should be a really short season with only seven episodes. Why is that?
DEGGANS: yes, it’s interesting. So they have 13 episodes to complete this series. They decided to divide them in half. So we’re going to get seven this year, and we’re going to get six next year. That makes sense, because it’s HBO’s most popular show. This approach can extend the time to say goodbye and keep it going for almost a year. That gives them time to set up another HBO show to reach that popularity, or find a new program to get that popularity.
Edward green: I ‘m going to confess. I was watching “law and order SVU”, a replay of last night, which was playing (laughter). I feel terrible recognition of this.
DEGGANS: yes. What are we going to do with you, man?
Edward green: but, I mean, for those who like the game of thrones, I mean – there’s too much hype. There was a party. I looked at it on Instagram and saw their photos.
DEGGANS: do you feel a little missing?
Edward green: does it really fit all this? Totally missed. Yeah.
DEGGANS :(laughter) okay, that’s the thing. You know, I know some people – Sam sanders, I’m talking to you – who thinks there’s too much hype on the game of thrones. But whether you get it or not. You know, whether you like these beach or sandals stories, or you don’t like them. And there are a lot of background stories, so it’s hard to get into the show right now – even when you hear all the hype, you’ll be reading all of this to try and get you to speed up.
But I think Sunday’s episode is very focused. This is a tense story. We have some comedies. We have a lot of foreboding, you know? The producers have come up with how to tell the story. They are telling a story that goes beyond what it is based on. They really know what they’re doing, and they’re moving toward the axis that they really seem to be on the cross. This is an epic film production. I mean, they’re making a TV version of the Lord of the rings in some sense. I really like it.
Edward green: epic film production, but they often have bigger themes.
DEGGANS: yes, is that a weakness of heroism, or does it make you overestimate? We will see that this season. Do you get better with your conscience, or are you weaker? Look for that theme when it’s on show.
Edward green: you almost made me want to see this, Eric. I have to tell you – almost.
DEGGANS: I’m doing my job. (laughter)
Edward green: thank you, Eric.
DEGGANS: thank you.


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