Would Mr Trump and the gun be enough to topple an endangered republican?


Would Mr Trump and the gun be enough to topple an endangered republican?
The latest flashpoint in the U.S. gun debate has brought millions of americans to the streets in cities like Denver for the weekend, calling for stricter gun laws.
“I’ve never done that until this year, and I haven’t made a single contribution to anyone’s campaign this year. What about this year? I’ve given more money than I thought I would, “said retired officer David Fried. Saturday’s gun was held in downtown Denver.
Fried held a protest against the Colorado politician donated by the national rifle association. That includes his Congressman, republican mike coffman. “He continues to support the NRA and take money from the NRA and will not return it, and I am tired of that,” he said.
Mr Fried is the sort of voter – white, suburban and angry – that Democrats believe it is vital to control the house of representatives in November’s election.
With the success of centrist Democrats, the party’s identity struggle has become more complicated.
With the success of centrist Democrats, the party’s identity struggle has become more complicated.
Regions such as Mr Kovman are at the forefront of a rising “blue wave”. He is one of more than two dozen republicans representing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Barack Obama also won in the suburbs of Denver in 2008 and 2012.
Despite the Democrats’ tilt to the region, Mr Kovman was re-elected four times in a row.
President trump’s unpopularity and a democratic base that has been unusually mobilised in the middle of the election year have once again put him on the top of the Democratic Party’s list of targets for 2018.
The gun debate has a special resonance here. A few miles away was the location of Columbia school in 1999. Mr. Kovman’s area includes the aurora cinema, where 12 people were killed in a mass shooting in 2012.
Thousands of people are attending the March for Our Lives in Denver on March 24. Some democratic candidates in Colorado are running for office on a tighter gun law platform.
Ross Taylor/getty images.
For Ashley Kochkanyan, who lives in the area, the gun debate has changed her mind. After the columbine shooting in 1999, she joined a similar but smaller gun protest outside the Denver Capitol. “It is just a very dark, quiet time, I think we hope something will happen, but that is not the case,” Kochkanyan when he was 19 years old took part in Saturday’s parade, with her 11-year-old son and took part in the game. Kochkanyan said she had voted for him in the past, but she would not do it again.
Voters like her are why the leading democratic candidate for the democratic nomination, Mr. Jassenkroo, is embracing more stringent gun laws in an effort to woo voters like Kochkanyan. He chose guns as the first digital issue of his campaign. It was a clear breakthrough in the latest election, in which Democrats stopped using gun debate as a central focus of competitive regional activity.
CHART: how does your mp vote for gun bills?
CHART: how does your mp vote for gun bills?
In an interview with NPR, Ukraine said he thought Mr. Kovman was particularly vulnerable this year because of the two factors that are unique in 2018: President trump and the debate over guns.
“People see Donald trump and his presidency of the country and our community do, mike coffman was a rubber stamp for him, they had had enough,” crow said, “they’ve got enough support of the NRA, and he was hurt this community in the gun violence do nothing, they want to change. ”
The crow is fiercely competitive and has some built-in advantages. The Democrats here outnumber the republicans. He is a young political newcomer who has no voting record to attack, and as a lawyer and a military veteran, he has a natural appeal to the suburban crowd of education, a wealthy white university.
It may not be easy to weaken Coffman’s support for a third of the population in most minority groups in the region.
“He’s back.”
Few republicans represent racial and ethnic diversity, such as the sixth congressional district in Colorado, one of Ethiopia’s largest immigrant communities.
At st Mary’s recent Ethiopian orthodox church Sunday service, a famous Democrats, inside than Mr O f explains his left-leaning community perceptions of their republican lawmakers.
Asfaw said: “frankly, it is true that no one, any elected official who has worked hard for the Ethiopian community to work for Michael kovman.”
He says his community supports more gun control to a large extent, but it’s not just a matter of motivation. Instead, ethiopians are forcing congress to act, condemning human rights abuses in Ethiopia. Mr. Kovman co-authored the resolution with a recent house foreign affairs committee resolution, and plans a full vote when lawmakers return from a two-week spring recess.
Even as the nation’s climate turned against republicans, Mr. Kovman was deeply supported by the local community, like this one, because he was keeping a close eye on their concerns.
Black voters need more democratic support in 2018.
Black voters need more democratic support in 2018.
That is why independent people such as Fikru Ayele, an ethiopian-american, say they will continue to support him. “After he was elected, he came back, most of the politicians, they didn’t come back and ask what you needed, he did, he did, he came back and asked us,” he said.
In an interview with NPR, Mr. Kovman said his relationship with a number of different communities in his area helped him flout election opportunities in increasingly democratic areas.
“I think the diversity of the region and the performance of the region I think is a negative for me and I think it’s a positive attitude,” he said.
Even democratic critics, such as jack crow, will not be suspicious of Mr Kovman’s extension. “He’s out, he’s been in these communities again and again, you know, that’s good,” he said, “but we’re in a leading position, not an environment.”
National wave and local roots.
Kovman believed the screening would be important. On a recent Sunday in February, his schedule included stops at mosques, south Korean churches, Hindu festivals and Taiwan’s Lantern Festival. “I taught a tutorial in Spanish that night, and every Sunday I had a tutor who came in for two hours,” he said.
About four years ago, he began to learn Spanish, and in 2011 he was redistributed to make him part of a Democratic Party in a region with more Hispanic voters. Since then, he has debated his opponent in Spanish, and on Spanish talk radio every Friday, to serve the Hispanic community.
It is this motivation level – and a willingness to ease his former political views – leading to a 63 – year – old retired soldier republican white men in relying on the Democrats in the history of ethnic minority communities to develop relationship.
His GOP colleagues often point out that Mr Kovman is one of their best, battle-tested incumbents. His sport has a professional ethic, which usually involves working 100 hours a week, an all-weather mentality, and a personal discipline that includes 500 daily sessions.
Although his views on guns have not abated, he opposes his party’s efforts to repeal the “affordable care act” and criticizes his party for often imposing harsh rhetoric and policies on immigration.
On Monday, he visited Wendy chao, President of the Colorado Chinese news agency, whose foreign language newspaper reached about 45, 000 in Colorado. She greeted members of congress. He was “my best friend”.
“This is my heart, I would say: Congressman Michael koffman is the only one who really CARES about our Asian community, the minority community, you know?” She said he cited his two decades of friendship with his country. Chao said that he appeared, not just in an election year.
In a region where at least 120 languages are spoken, the defining issue for voters in November may be not just trump’s approval ratings or gun rights, but the answer to the question: who speaks for me?


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