The terror (super weird) murder case that triggered the “Twin Peaks”


The David lynch classic is called memorable, moody, mysterious, and revolves around high school student Laura palmer’s murder in a town where everyone is a suspect. Basically, the twin peaks are the best myth in pop culture, and they’re based on a true story from 1908.

According to “daily mail” reported, they reported detective – dell cooper would be proud, bimodal co-founder mike frost Hazel to Drew inspiration from the real of murder, he is from Sand Lake mill town, and in her head was found in ponds of blunt force trauma. Her murder was never solved. Frost apparently spent his childhood summers in the sand lake and drew inspiration from the stories his grandmother told him about drew.

“TV series” twin peaks “inspiration comes from a nightmare stories before a nap, my grandmother Betty calhoun as a young boy planted it in my ear,” according to frost, wrote in the sand lakes tourism communication. “Poor hazare’s body was found at the edge of the pond, and then there was a mysterious incident where the perpetrator’s uncertainty remained and may continue. A few weeks later, a calf into the mud, under a hazy and half months for help, be mistaken for the spirit of some local drunk, they fled the scene in terror, about twenty years later, half of the sad story details recorded I subconsciously created a named Laura palmer “.

The comparison between drew’s murder and Laura palmer is rich, and the twin peaks of podcaster marc givens are well studied. “There are lovers and secrets – these are twin peaks,” he told the daily mail. “There is an incredible coincidence between the real murder and Laura palmer.”

For example, drew’s body was found in the water – much like Laura’s.

There were also about 20 suspects after drew’s death – all of whom sounded incredible to lynch. Let’s see, we have a farm boy “yellow”, “charcoal vendor”, although is a married man, her uncle “depression and suicide” dentist is put forward, and a “chubby men and found a flower face were found to be a farm animal torturers sand lakes of the widow’s son” half “. YIKES.

It’s hard not to read this list, or not to think of classic bimodal characters like Ms. Log, or an armed man like mike, or Nadine hurley and her trademark blindfold, right?

More fascinating still are the supernatural similarities. Although the twin peaks are somewhat realistic, there is a powerful supernatural thread (owls aren’t what they look like!). Pepper hazelnut druid’s murder. It turns out that her mother thought that a man with hypnosis ability has the influence of the “mystery” to her, and the town has a local animal doctor, believed he would practice “dark arts”.

When it comes to solving drew’s death, she still has many unanswered questions about what was going on in her life until her death. For example, why did she suddenly quit her job as a governess before she disappeared? Why did she sample a bag at the railway station? Why did a married dentist ask her to marry him? And the biggest two peaks – what’s the problem? What is her relationship with four old businessmen? We may never know, but at least the twin peaks have been revived almost to satisfy our thirst for answers.



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