Eight terrible things getting older and single


When I continued my single journey, I was encouraged by many other singles who praised their independence. Some of us even wore rings to celebrate our singleness, but we hope that no one will mistake it for a wedding ring. We are like a secret society, a secret bachelor party, and even a bar named after us. You have heard of “single bar” but never heard of:

– Just a wedding bar

– Not quite sure what bar we are.

– Friends of welfare bars

-I hate them, but I’m too deep.

It’s great to name a bar with my identity, but as I am single day after day, it grows more terrifying as I grow older. The reason is as follows:

I’m not so open

When I suddenly couldn’t sleep anywhere, I began to be narrow-minded. When I was traveling or staying with a large group of people, I needed a bed. I’m tired of dating, and I’m very experienced. I’m sure that before I actually meet a girl, I know her entire story/type. As I grew older, I became more and more a product of habits, and now I’m used to choosing the same type. I used to be with more types of people, rather than assuming and filtering women.

Society hates me

The last time I mistakenly brought home a female friend (remember, this is a female friend we all know I haven’t dated). My mother hijacked her and planned to make a crab roast for my wedding in the backyard. Kindness. I don’t even have a girlfriend! Many people ask me why I’m still single. This doesn’t bother me: I don’t mind turning into the weird harcore New Yorkers like Kramer in Seinfeld. But the longer I spent being single, the more I seemed to be unaffected by social trends.

I have rusty

Now, my appointment time has become longer and I have fewer opportunities. My habits and “calls on demand” actions have become obsolete. I can go on a date just to stay awake, but it’s not fair to us. Some details of the appointment will change over time and must be closely watched. For example, I asked girls if they should call or send text messages for the first date. I get:

“Be sure to call – this shows that you are serious.”


“Text, feel free.”

If I have a fixed dating method and remain keen, I may not encounter these dilemmas.

My wingman is disappearing.

Going to the bar with a group of friends (or should I say a group of people) is always fun and more comfortable. It gave me more confidence. But my single friends are slowly disappearing into the girlfriend’s side, the marriage life… and the baby.

I feel pressure

I had bad luck in the past. I could hardly find someone I liked. There is seldom a chance to mean a rare opportunity after I have met an interesting person. Stress will make my game somewhat uncomfortable.

I can’t party like I used to

These days, I drink quickly, and my desire to eat supper is getting stronger at night. There is night, I’m too tired to do anything, can only stay inside to read Wikipedia, take a look at the history of the documentary. And, when I was successful, I was often with couples who linked it before I was ready.

I’m getting uglier and girls are still hot

Now I think I have a double chin – well, maybe I just imagine. These days, I spend time looking in the mirror and observing the process of growing my unsightly faces, such as the double chin. Add to this the fact that I continue to seduce young girls within the age range just after college graduation, you are completely mismatched: an older and uglier (but not rich) old guy falls in love with someone who has always been lovely.

My reference to popular culture is out of date

My friends and I considered Halloween as Crockett and Tubs from Miami. But then we thought: “If we were dating young girls all night, they would know what Miami is like?”

As you age, do you feel like a blind person in the dating world? Do you have similar problems? What are the different problems you will encounter as you age?


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