What could be $100 million for you – except for Kentucky campaign ads?


In addition to the Kentucky advertising campaign, you get $100 million?

For the amount of money spent on this year’s U.S. senate race in Kentucky, you can buy a bottle of the state’s own maker’s logo for almost every man, woman and child in the state.

Some observers say the election could be the most competitive in senate history,/costing up to $100 million. Why not? Control of the U.S. senate is at the heart of the fight.

Mitch McConnell is the top republican in the senate and is likely to become majority leader. He proved less popular at home, creating a vacancy for Kentucky’s democratic secretary of state, Alison reggenberg

Candidates and parties are not only expensive, but so are outside groups. It makes us wonder: what would $100 million buy if it weren’t for political consultants, postal and television ads?

What about the giant bats in louisville? Downtown louisville is the official bat of major league baseball. Further decomposed, each player in the main league can reach 1,777 goals.

“Most major league players play about 10 games a year,” said rick lehman, vice President of bat manufacturer corporate communications.

That means $100 million will buy enough baseball bats to support all major league baseball players for nearly 15 years.

That’s more than twice the professional baseball career average, so a lot of louisville bats, no doubt, “redman said.

Another $100 million will be purchased:

Kentucky has 793 mid-priced homes.

The Kentucky wildcat contest has 2,222,000 tickets. That’s enough to fill the university’s roop arena for nearly five seasons.

Top 200 horse RACES.

“100 million dollars, you can in September 2013, the first to buy it to sell this Book 1 directory 200 top horses,” Keeneland Association’s director of communications Gregory Amy (Amy Gregory), said the company claims is the world’s largest auction varieties. “Eighteen of them were sold for $1 million or more, with the highest price being $2.5 million for the war colts.”

It also buys a lot of bourbon.

“Think of it as the brown water of Kentucky,” said Bill Samuels Jr., chairman of Mark Distillery, the maker of Distillery.

Samuel ran math for us.

“If you are in the nationwide, the average price of a bottle of Maker that is $25, that means 4 million bottles, and we are Kentucky’s population of just over 4 million, this is a bottle for everyone,” he said.

In fact, the manufacturer’s mark doesn’t have that much whisky. The company has been experiencing shortages in the past few years.

Finally, $100 million will close next year’s budget gap.

“It’s really remarkable, especially in a poor state,” said Sam young, a political journalist and leader of the Lexington pioneers. “In Frankfort, they’re facing a $90 million budget gap, and you have to wonder where our monetary priorities are.”

But he was quick to point out that big political consumers like the Koch brothers or Tom Steele, an environmentalist billionaire, find it hard to help the country increase its budget deficit.

“I think they’ve got a bigger game already,” yeoman said.


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