What is the song of 2017 autumn?


Earlier this week, we identified two simple, indisputable facts: 1. There is something like song qiu: a painful, painful music, a cold afternoon, a broken heart, a hot drink, both pairs are good, their best.

Now that we’re all on the same page, we have to spend extra time (crushing leaves) and allocate a song for fall 2017. Is there any single jam this season? Is there a special song that hugs our arms and whispers that we are not alone in our bitter autumn? Does this fall have its own Despacito?

We have several options, all of which are below, and any one of them is fine. Put on your craziest turtleneck and join us in this fantastic football season.

Jason Isbell and Nashville Sound – “my last”

In this relentless march, or in other words: the song of the perfect autumn, deeply melancholy. Jason Isbell may be in the fall, and Katy Perry hopes to be in the summer. Respect.

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vell – “continental breakfast”

Courtney Barnett quickly became the star of the fall music, giving Evan Dando his charm. The song, like Edward sharp and the hometown of the Magnetic Zeroes a few years ago, folds up when you can put your desk outside.

For those who focus on these things, the most controversial choice is me. When I first heard the song, I could hardly swallow it. Is this desperate sincerity? Is one of my friends described as “voice stable”? I don’t know, but I turned around, and now I’m not enough. Your new Norman rockwell album is gorgeous, and I want to leave Los Angeles, so I can appreciate what it means, like “wearing a light down jacket.”

Psychedelic fur – “the way to love me”

Yes, the strongest contender for the 2017 fall song was released in 1982, but it was included in the movie “you call me by my name” and completely repositioned its icy synthesis. The instrument makes it the perfect song for a cold weather party.


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