Memorable Filipino advertising


Unforgettable Filipino ads

How and what makes advertising memorable?

Take a taxi test and listen to Jeff goodby.

Goodby, who? Jeff goodby was goodby’s other half, and silverstein and his partner were among the most creative people in the world, and pointed out that the term advertising agency worked. He has just produced a high-profile television commercial for the us presidential candidate.

Goodby’s “driving test” is an in-depth study of the real market. In a provocative article in the advertising age, he called some of the industry’s industries “irrelevant winners”.

“When you take a taxi and tell the driver you’re doing AD, they’ll ask you if you’ve done something they might be familiar with,” he said. “What have you to say?

“As an industry, we get mostly small or marginal returns from legitimate customers. “We’ve created a system that rewards work that no one outside the organization knows about,” Goodby laments.

In fact, the taxi driver and the man in the street, a housewife cooking “cupertino” housewife, in the middle of the students, blue-collar and white-collar, marketers – consumers – burning candles decide which advertising is difficult to forget. Not the referee.

“Commercials are memorable because they stand the test of time. “You see them over and over again, because they connect with you, so you don’t get bored,” says a well-known creative director.

Do you remember the AD you saw last night? Maybe, maybe not.

“Many people saw unforgettable advertisements. If only creators and insomniacs see AD, it’s a great AD. “University communication art professor said.

Advertising companies have different formulas for creating memorable TV ads. When you look at them, they’re all the same, they have different terms.

Here are some measures of advertising:

Does it offer ROI (relevance, originality, impact)? Whether it’s destructive, whether it’s printing love signs, creating human advertising, it’s extraordinary, focusing on products, not products, it’s anti-ordinary, it’s beyond clutter and so on.

Memorable ads are simple, but not simple. It should be able to communicate instantly with each other’s audience in a matter of seconds.

The world can understand, even if it is culturally unique. It has universal appeal.

A memorable AD makes you smile, and you’ll learn a new insight that no one has ever told you before, and express it in an unusual way.

“If your ads don’t matter, you don’t understand,” says one top marketer. He added: “the relentless AD cannot be combined with the audience.

With that said, Friday’s business was based on a 10-month study examining the most memorable ads in the Philippines. Impressive standards are based on creativity and effectiveness. This is not one of them.

“LOLO” (McDonald’s, Leo Burnett)

“Lolo” became a favorite of millions of Filipino TV viewers and became the first Filipino TV commercial to win a gold medal in Asia’s most intense award competition.

People remember her grandfather Gina’s disappointment. She was disappointed. Thanks to its simplicity and originality, the burger is part of a heart-rated scene that makes people cry.

“I love this AD for several reasons,” said Mitzi Reyes, an associate professor at the school of fine arts at the university of the Philippines.

Reyes said: “see my grandfather’s warm scene, although his memory fails, he still showed the granddaughter of love and care, while Karen by patience, understanding and expression of her love to spend time with my grandfather.

Reyes said the scene might have taken place in a family, watching the ads, and actually making her feel like she’s looking at her father for the rest of her life. “It was very real and spontaneous,” she said.

“If the speech is simple and clear, advertising will be memorable, whether it’s humor, drama or life,” reyes said.


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