A missing child, a dying marriage and a ‘loveless’ society.


Missing children, dying marriages and a “loveless” society.

Director Andre sargent rousseff ruthless – Russia submitted this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, and five films, one of the best foreign language film Oscar night – both parents at the beginning of screaming to each other, because they are about to divorce.

They are trying to sell his apartment, they soon become clear, the relationship between their relationship is so toxic, if they can get rid of this relationship, or they may sell their children. Neither wanted to take care of 12-year-old Matvey Novikov, who sobbed quietly during the debate.

They didn’t see it. We are.

Once the crying is over, the parents will continue to separate: everyone has a new partner, and their different choices show how their marriage is doomed. Aleksey Rozin is pregnant with his traditional Russian girlfriend. Mother, maria, spivak) is alive what you might call a steroid capitalist life, a rich old businessman – playing in expensive restaurants, in his sleek attic.

When she came home at night, she did not check alyosha and went to bed. The next morning he saw his bed empty and she thought he had left school. He has left.

The police showed up, but it proved useless. They point their families to the volunteer network, and soon they’re combing through the forest and a disused soviet-era complexity that looks like mad Max.

In most movies, mom and dad work together. But this is not Loveless’s story.

Director Zvyagintsev co-wrote the film to show how disasters don’t necessarily unite people – it can push them further. Like he was in the 2014 film “leviathan” to do that, about the land grab in a small town, his stories seemed very close, at the same time to remind people to pay attention to influence social power: should be to help the government bureaucracy; Religion is blocked; Technical misdirection; Loyalty interferes.

Treadmill ran on the treadmill, the role of “love” not surprised, Russia’s race overalls characters in printing and it is not surprising: it’s very hard, and no real progress.

The news came amid a break in Ukraine as parents trudged from the hospital to the morgue to find children who were talking about abandoning the orphanage. Want to know if this devastating film has the opportunity to make any child in society so heartless?


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