Fishing in Qatar “likes” : how to advertise on Facebook?

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Fishing “like” in Qatar: how to advertise on Facebook?

I’ve had a lot of problems with online advertising recently, especially on Facebook, so I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes tidbits we’ve done on ictQATAR. Now it seems everyone has a Facebook page. In Qatar, where about 200,000 people over the age of 18 enter the Internet every day, many business owners and organizations are shifting their advertising costs so that you can provide business information in a very accurate and low-cost way. In fact, according to ComScore, Facebook has an average of 9.11 billion ads per month, twice as many as yahoo. We’ve also started doing brand advertising guides on Facebook and learned one or two things in the past year.

Determine the type and cost structure of advertising.

To increase your fan base through advertising, you can choose some options – you can use standard marketing or investment sponsorship stories. The standard ads are your bread and butter – they will point to your page and allow users to “like” it. “Sponsored stories” will appear on the right side of the screen and will be dedicated to fans’ friends. My idea is that if my best friend likes a page, I should also think about it. This AD method is frequently posted to your fan page and created when your fans like your posts. The key to success here is to keep your position and participation.

Your advertising campaign should aim to attract as many followers as possible at the lowest possible cost. Even if there are two ways to manage your AD spending: CPC per click or presentation. Most of the time, the communist party will work better, because your marketing goals may be related to the number of “likes” you get, not just brand recognition.

Create AD Pop

Advertising requires images to be no more than 110 pixels wide, no more than 80 pixels high, and a width ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. The system will automatically upload pictures of your website unless you provide other content. Whatever your image is, it should be less than 5 megabytes. In my experience, design is smart, but not very complex images work best, they have to be extensible because advertising real estate is limited. This is one of the design explorations of our very talented graphic designer Samar Semaan.

When writing an AD copy, remember that the title has 25 characters and the text has 135 characters. If this is an AD promoting your web page, the title will appear as the name of your web page. We found that Arabic advertising text was three times as effective as English advertising text, although the same users could read it at the same time. The combination of the two languages is good, but it limits what you say. Ideally, give users a reason to like your web page, “like us, you’ll hear the latest technology from others.”

One of the many useful features of Facebook’s advertising platform is the ability to position your AD in a niche market. On Facebook, you can identify yourself by location, age, keywords, and many other criteria. Facebook ads have the advantage of being very cheap to run. In tests, we found that ads for attractive women were better than ads for two genders.

Optimize your resources.

Releasing relevant and engaging content at the same time as your branding campaign is an important part of your strategy and will bring you the greatest return on investment. Publish regularly – at least once a day, ask questions, make controversial statements, and most importantly, remember that social media is not a monologue but a community discussion. Some of the strategies that apply to us include posts that are available in the audience, which usually means after the weekend and after 3 p.m., and if possible, keep the essay and use the photos. In fact, photographs produce the highest levels of interaction, which we attribute to the fact that they are easy to connect with. Many of our posts end with questions, and people like to share their opinions and often increase their participation.

As with any marketing campaign, the key to success is testing and measuring. Monitoring daily traffic, display times and clicks are only half the battle. To really adjust in time, you can profit from online advertising revenue.


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