A family use, is, the quilt revitalizes a small town.


A family use is, a small town is revitalized.

Just a few years ago, Hamilton looked like a thousand other forgotten country towns. The abandoned building damaged the main resistance.

But in recent years, the rapid growth of rural areas in northwestern Missouri has shaken a stable industry, created a YouTube star, reinvigorated retail and a proud small-town history.

That’s why the dean, who has lived here for 77 years, is now very happy.

“I live the most here,” he said. “I can’t believe what I see. “When you have people from all over the world coming to a town of 1,800 people, you have something special that we have.

They have the Missouri star quilt company. LTD. Seven years after its launch, Hamilton now has 15 new buildings for fabrics, sewing machines and customers.

Badgers drive from Victoria, California.

“I just looked at my map and asked Siri,” how do I get to mo, Hamilton? “She said. “But my dream is to come here and see Jenny.”

Badger spoke about the only person she knew through YouTube, Jenny Doan, Missouri Star Quilt Co.

The quilted video has attracted millions of views.

“It’s crazy,” duan said with a laugh. “I can hardly say, ‘I love your tutorial! ”

This is because she has adopted an easy-going approach, which has traditionally been a difficult and tedious process, duan said.

“Quilting has always been the case for the elite,” she said. “It’s hard to do, you know, everything has to be cut completely, I just thought,” just put it all together, we put it all together, it’s going to be great! ”

She said women from around the world visited Hamilton or wrote a letter thanking her for her quilting.

Duan added: “this is definitely the sweetest thing I have ever had and the most accidental thing.

If she had been a better financial planner, that would not have happened.

“My parents have always been bad money,” says Jenny’s son, Ellen dean.

The recession, he says, has cost them most of their savings and threatened to abandon their homes.

“My sister and I were looking at it and saying, ‘we have to put things together so mom can make more money,'” Allen said.

So in the fall of 2008, Allen and his sister lent money to their mother to sew other people’s quilts. Customers kept asking about the fabric, so Allen set up a website to sell it.

“The world, we are open! You want someone to take care of you, don’t you? So we started the site, “Allen said. “I had my facebook post and one day I went to see it and it was like, ‘hey, I launched this quilt shop for my mom, you should see it. The two loved it.

Doan is selling or trying to sell a relatively new product: precut fabrics. These pieces are tied together from the factory and have different complementary prints, making it easier and faster to make beautiful quilts.

But for a year, business was bad.

Ellen came to me and said, ‘mom, are you interested in making a tutorial? I said, “honey, what is a tutorial?” I mean, I don’t know, I’ve never been on YouTube. ”

Then, the clipping video will eventually take off. With sales exploding, Minnesota’s Star Quilt now employs more than 180 workers, such as Mindy Lloyd, shipping thousands of packages a day from the company’s vast new warehouse.

“This has gone to Australia,” Lloyd said. “Isn’t that neat?

Allen’s intelligence helped build the foundations of big business.

“We have to learn how to do this, like watching YouTube video from amazon, right? We built this warehouse, and I just called all the smart people I knew and said, ‘what are we going to do? “He said.

Successful promotion and publication and even food service. They are renovating more buildings, and in the middle of the summer, they plan to double Hamilton’s number of quilts and even add “people” to customers’ husbands.

Doans is not the first person to make a significant contribution to retail.

James Cash Penney Jr., who landed his first sales job nearly 120 years ago and left Hamilton for a penny, opened its 500th JC Penney store a few years later.

Missouri’s star quilt company is unlikely to match, but so far the sleepy town has become a quilted mecca.


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