Another runner-up, a new movie.


Another runner-up, a new movie.

The imitation game tells the story of the English mathematician Alan Turing, who is credited with helping his country and Allies win the second world war. Turing is also known as the father of modern computers and a leader in artificial intelligence research.

Though not as famous as Albert Einstein or even Stephen Hawking, Turing arguably changed the world more than any other 20th-century figure. During the second world war, he cracked the so-called undecipherable German “mystery” code, conceptualized and invented it, or at least he called it a “universal machine” or “logical computing machine”. We shortened this to “computers”.

Much has been written about how long runs can lead to innovative breakthroughs. In a 1999 New York times article, novelist Joyce carol oates wrote: “run! If there’s any activity that’s happier, more exciting, more nourishing to the imagination, I can’t figure out what it looks like. Fly with the body in the heart; The mysterious weathering of this language seems to erupt in the brain, with the rhythm of our feet and our arms swinging. ”

Turing’s life story is the best example of oates’s paper. In the summer of 1936, Turing often enjoyed the leisurely pace of leisure and felt his brain begin to fill up with new computational ideas. They proved so overwhelming that he turned his back to himself in the apple orchard and became more focused. So the modern computer was born.

Turing clearly enjoyed a long and long ride. According to Andrew Hodges, his biographer, Turing “marveled at his colleagues by attending scientific meetings and using public transport to defeat travelers”. After world war ii, Turing did not start training and serious games. In 1947, when he was in his 30s, he won the fifth place in the British national marathon at 2:46:03. In the same year, he recorded a 10-mile road at 54:43. He wants to be Britain’s Olympic team in 1948, but the injury scares him.

In 1952, Turing, a gay man, was found living with another man and convicted of criminal offences in Britain. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison or “chemical castration” -estrogen pills and injections. He chose the latter. Two years later, at age 42, he died, apparently committing suicide. A half-cyanide apple was found next to him.

Turing’s contribution to the war was unknown at the time, although king George gave him an order from the British empire in 1945 for his wartime service. The secret was not kept until his death, and it was not released until his work was fully archived in 1974. “During the war, the authorities did not know that Turing was a gay man, a good thing, a code breaker. “Because if they do, they’ll fire him and we’ll lose it.”

In 2009, British prime minister Gordon brown issued a public apology, saying “the true heroes of war have suffered appalling atrocities”. In 2012, the house of lords granted Turing a pardon, and in December queen Elizabeth ii granted him an official royal pardon.

His club member, Walton sports club, describes Turing as: “he looks different from everyone else. He was dressed in plain clothes, of good quality, but without wrinkles. He propped up his trousers with a tie. If he wears a tie, he never ties a tie. His hair was stuck in the back. “When Turing companies wear gas masks on their bikes to prevent allergies. In the office, he tied the teacup to the radiator, so no one could steal it.

Rotten tomatoes, a movie review site, give imitation games high marks, and 94 percent of mainstream viewers benefit from comments. The official trailer shows British actor Benedict cumberbatch dancing dramatically for Turing, but wearing a suit for dramatic scenes. For marathon runners, that sounds right.


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