What’s in the “Titan Tour” of Atlantis?


 I believe many people know Diablo, but today I will talk about the game is a trip to Titan that is as famous as Diablo again and again. Yesterday the game launched a new DLC Atlantis, let Let’s take a look at the Titan’s new DLC tour feature at a glance.

New DLC content list features

The hero met an explorer looking for the mysterious Atlantis kingdom, and they embarked on a journey through the western Mediterranean. The key to finding Atlantis lies in the diary of Hercules, rumored to be in the city of Gard in Phoenicia. But this journey will allow them to go beyond known boundaries and enter the unknown world…

Atlantis Tour

Choose a single player game or up to 6 players for a classic Titan adventure.

New projects and unique rewards.

Endless tartarus mode

A wave of enemy attack challenge mode, you can choose single player game or cooperation mode of up to 6 people.

Random elements will change the gameplay.

Expand professional skills

Unlock a new skill level for each specialization.

Visual upgrade

Screen space environment lighting coloring, color grading image upgrade.

Game experience optimization

Increase the speed of casting, simplify the process of saving items, and introduce rewards that other players have long expected.

Casino businessman

Use the cash in the game to purchase randomly generated loot.

This Titan tour has a new list of DLC content here, and interested players can purchase this DLC experience.









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