“Roman General” Greek faction background picture text science popular Greek faction?


Who were the rulers of the Roman and Greek factions? There are still quite a few Greek factions in the game. In order to facilitate everyone to play the game better, xiaobian here compiled the ruler of the “drunken Frederick” translation player, the Roman Greek school. Figure background graphics, interested friends to understand.

Greek faction background, image science


In 430 BC, Alexander the great died in Babylon. He left behind a vast and unstable empire without a suitable successor. This led to power struggles and civil wars between dozens of experienced and ambitious generals. This was the so-called “diadochi war”.

These ambitious families expanded their power from a province to an army, and more and more people were killed in the process. At the beginning of the IR game, in 303 BC, 450 years after the founding of Rome, most of the participants in the war were killed.

Antico is the most striking of the many people who have distinguished themselves from the crowd. He once ruled the whole Asian part of Alexander’s empire. In 312 BC, however, Seymour I alone led a thousand men and miraculously defeated the ruler of Antioch, who lived on two rivers and the Iranian plateau and surrendered to half the toliks of the Antioch empire. Antico herself was the common enemy of all the survivors, who would not be the stepping stone to a unified Alexander empire, given their undisguised ambitions.

In 306 BC, demetrius I, son of the beautiful and savage Antioch I, overwhelmingly destroyed the incomparable Egyptian navy and occupied Cyprus in the fourth successor war. Antico had a huge victory and accepted his proposal. With demetrius, he was finally crowned with the empty crown and at this point the body of Alexander the great was murdered by cassander for three years.

However, the war did not go well. In Egypt and Rhode Island, Antico’s pursuit of success with her sons was limited. The rhode islanders stubbornly stood in front of demetrius, then the best expert on the siege, and they could talk for a year. They used metal seized from enemy weapons to build a huge statue in Rhode Island.

Despite the loss of military power, Antico and his son were severely delayed. In Egypt, the “savior” of Ptolemy I tried to restore his power; In the west, Macedonia’s cassand worked closely with lyxi marcus of leicester to launch an offensive against Asia minor. In the far east, seychelles kept a close eye on the west in order to calm the provinces of the Iranian plateau and away from the Mediterranean, and after dealing with these provinces and the peacock empire, he was able to return to the battle group.At the foot of the Hindu kush, a young man named Gandhara is about to build a mighty empire north of the Ganges, and the glory of his empire will rise again in the city of flowers. In the western Mediterranean, Lord agathocles was doing all he could to control the powerful Hellenic Sicilian army and to fight a bloody battle against Carthage, who wanted to return to Sicily. At the same time, they are watching the chaos in central Italy. On the plains of Latin America, a city-state founded by wolves is expanding rapidly and greedily.

Once upon a time, the sun of Macedonia’s ajd dynasty, the sun of vergina, shone sixteen beams from the Adriatic Sea to the punjab valley. Now Alexander’s blood was drying the sun. Come to where the sun sets.

When the sun rises again at the mouth of Aksing in Ambrachia bay, it will be a different time, a different sun.

Note: here, for the convenience of research and reading, will be the English version of the names of all characters, corresponding to the lz custom translation, if there is the use of the steam workshop Chinese version of the patch or the official Chinese version of the reader is inconvenient, please forgive me.

By the way, ancient Greek names did not contain the concept of surnames in history. Many names of Greek historical figures have two or three parts in the game. The last part given by P is usually a summary. Antico, for example, is from the Antigone Antioch family. The Macedonian cassans belong to the antipatric family and were inherited by Alexander the great from his father, antipatris, the regent of Macedonia. A “middle name” is usually a nickname in a character’s life. For example, Nicator’s title was victor while Ptolemy’s nickname Soter was savior.


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