The music created by the composer is also like the poetry and novel written by the writer. There is a set of expression system, namely the music language. The music language includes many elements: melody, rhythm, beat, speed, power, sound area, tone, harmony, polyphony, mode, tone, etc. The ideological content and artistic beauty of musical works can only be expressed through various elements.

[melody] Also known as melody, it is a tone line formed by a relationship between a certain height, length and intensity. It is the most important means of shaping the image of music and the soul of music.
The rhythm as the notes progress, the relationship between the length and intensity of each note. Because different pitches also have different lengths and different advantages and disadvantages, the rhythm must be included in the melody.
Beat: Evenly alternating strong and weak beats. There are many different combinations of beats, called “beats”, and the normal rhythm follows a certain time.
A certain degree of speed or slow. In order for the music to accurately express the thoughts and feelings to be expressed, it must be sung or played at a certain speed.
The degree of strength or weakness. The change in sound intensity also plays an important role in shaping the musical image.
A series of high and low notes. Voices in different regions have different functions and characteristics in expressing thoughts and emotions.
[Voice] The sound characteristics of different sounds, different instruments and different combinations. Through the contrast and change of the sound, you can enrich and enhance the expressive power of the music.
[Harmony] Two or more notes are combined at the same time according to certain rules. The strength and stability of chords, stability and instability, consonants and discord, and the tendency of unstable and discordant chords to stabilize and consonant chords constitute a functional system of harmony. The function of harmony directly affects the power, tension and strength of the rhythm. In addition, the acoustic effect of the harmony sound has a distinction between light and dark and thick and thin, so that the harmony has the effect of rendering colors.
Polyphony combines two or more melody at the same time. The combination of different melody is called contrast polyphony, and the continuous imitation of the same melody separated by a certain elbow is called imitative polyphony. The use of polyphony technology can enrich the music image, enhance the power of music development and the independence of sound, thus producing the effect of “one by one”.[Mode] A series of sounds are derived from the melody and harmony of musical compositions with different pitches and pitches. These sounds are related to each other and maintain a certain tendency. The pitch is the pitch of the center note (tone) of the pattern. In many musical compositions, the transformation and contrast of patterns and tones are important techniques for reflecting changes in the atmosphere, color, emotions and images.
Musical language elements work together to express a kaleidoscope. The melody is the soul of music, but other elements have changed, and the music image will change to varying degrees. Other factors may even play an important role under certain conditions. Basic music theory


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