The origins of Indian music are hidden in the beautiful myths of music creators. Indians believe that Indian music was created by Shiva. In India, the greatest figure in the ancient music authorities, even in today’s India, is revered and admired by musicians, probably the sage Sharangadeva of the early 13th century.

Like other ethnic music, Indian music is unique and strongly reflects local conditions and lifestyles. Indian music is highly religious, just as Indian civilization pays attention to the spiritual dimension of the soul. Ethnic music is complex, mysterious, diverse, and has the spiritual music characteristics of meditation.

Traditional Indian music is rich and complex. It is one of the richest treasures of the world’s music culture. It is also a history of India’s great people and music. We can often find some lost qualities in other music cultures. Music is special. Power and religious emotions, improvisational special abilities, special relationships between music and mathematics, and the entire universe. Many modern musicians, both classical and popular, follow the example of India and are inspired by music, but relatively realistic research on Indian music, music still limits itself in India and India, I think we should start from enjoying Indian music, To understand practice, we must be able to develop our field of hearing and enrich our culture.


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