Ravi Shankar (1920.04.07 – 2012.12.11) India’s greatest music ambassador, the godfather of Indian classical music, master of the genus Ravi Shankar, “The famous Beatles guitarist George Harrison’s teacher, the jazz star Nora Jones Father, this is not his true aura. In fact, as early as half a century ago, he was regarded as a generation of sitar masters, a great messenger of Indian music and culture and an immortal world musician, the most traditional and complex of the most mysterious instruments in India. The world is not good.

Ravi shanker’s musical genius was already evident when he was a teenager, when he set foot on the world stage, dancing and playing music on the stage at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Champs Elysées in Paris. . This family has won the admiration of great artists, including Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and Irish writer James Joyce. Ravi shankar and his family have lived in Europe and the United States for a long time, which has made them more familiar with stars such as Jessica heifetz, arturo toscanini, pablo casals, duke ellington, Louis Armstrong and cabo carloway.

In 1983, Ravi Shankar visited China and performed performances and lectures in Beijing and Shanghai. On this visit to China, Chen Ziming published another article in the first issue of People’s Music in 1984, “ravi shankar – a music messenger from India.” He wrote: “Ravi Shankar’s speech at the Central Conservatory of Music was also very successful. He explained. Show the audience the two pillars of classical Indian music – ‘raga’ and ‘tara’ written in simple language and sing with his own And the instrument introduced the example of ‘raga’. Then he worked with the drummer Mishra. Introduced Tara in the examples of onomatopoeia and drums. Finally, he personally taught them to practice various “Tara” in India and get Very good results. “He also looks forward to using the sitar to bring Chinese folk instruments about “Oriental (music) meets the East (music)” in the near future. ”
At this time, more Chinese music scholars began to understand the famous Indian sitar master. Despite increasing attention, the Chinese materials of ravi shankar are still insufficient. There are only a few introductions and comments in some books or textbooks, lack of in-depth analysis and comprehensive discussions, and research on specific topics remains blank.


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