Iraqi music


Located in Mesopotamia, Iraq is one of the cradle of ancient civilization. Beginning in 2000 BC, the royal tombs of the ancient Sumerians in the South discovered the harp of the Ur age and the cuneiform transcription of the clay pieces found in the Assyrian ruins around 800 BC, indicating that Iraq has a long history. Music culture tradition. Since the 8th century AD, Baghdad has become the political and cultural center of the Arab Empire. At that time, Iraqi music was influenced by Persian music. Persian-style Persian tunes, songs and musical instruments are widely circulated in Iraq, absorbing Greek science. Music plays an important role in social life and becomes a compulsory course for every educated person. This is the period of the Iraqi revolution.

Female singer who often performs behind the scenes. In the last years of the Abbasid dynasty, the famous Persian musician Safada Din not only wrote a lot of songs, but also wrote some valuable musical theories. Since 1258, Iraq’s literary and artistic heritage has been almost destroyed by multiple invasions by foreign military forces. After the Ottoman Empire occupied Iraq in the 16th century, Iraqi music was influenced by Turkish music culture and a Turkish-style military band was established in Iraq. After independence in 1921, Iraqi music based on Arabic music culture was restored and developed.

Modern Iraqi composers include Hashim Muhammad Gibb (1920~) and Bahar Faik (1904~). Their music creation is based on Iraqi folk music and has a simple style. Bahara is also the founder of the Baghdad band. Since the 20th century, with the development of Iraq’s social economy, traditional music has undergone earth-shaking changes. The spread of Western music in Iraq is becoming more widespread. Many people come to Europe and the United States to study music and use Western music creation techniques to create their own music. It also established the National Symphony Orchestra in Iraq.

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