“Giloo” calls for “recognizing the world again”. Giloo will bring you the latest, most important and most classic movies and documentaries in the world. Please use your most comfortable location to get lost between the wonderful stories around the world!

Giloo’s foundation is online video streaming services. We collect the latest film festivals and classic documentaries from around the world, bringing the world’s best directors and stories to your computer. Once you become a subscriber, you can watch any movie on Giloo in unlimited time and frequency without any ads. There are at least ten new movies every month, and there are always new content for you to explore!

“Music and sound seem to be fleeting, but it can leave a mark on the heart of the audience, and even hear it. In addition to sensory pleasure, the source of the echo, especially the social background, has something to say. Fighting mediocrity, or with the daily life of the land, cultural memory, is also a side of personal cohesion.

“Giloo” believes that “documentary video” is a type of video that is seriously underestimated. I think we should see more documentaries and in-depth reports. I hope that more people (including you and me) can tell more in-depth, positive and inspiring stories.

The battlefield for storytelling requires firewood, and to achieve this goal, existing practices must be improved. I can’t see it, so Giloo is set up. Giloo is named after the Fujian dialect. The original intention of the Giloo documentary video was to create a community platform dedicated to documentary video.

I believe in the power of documentary images and storytelling, but the existing ecosystem is not friendly to them. How to strengthen the power in production, viewing, circulation and communication is the core issue of all the plans and products of Giloo documentary video and audio.

Many interesting features are being designed and built into the product to make viewing such media content more meaningful and interesting, and different economic systems will be added to reverse existing practices. At the same time it will become a global platform.


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