Socitalfm is a website dedicated to providing endless and unique environmental music. You can hear very simple background white noise, which is well known to many people, except that different websites offer different types of content and different levels of experience.

Note: “White noise means that the frequency component of the sound is uniform throughout the audible range (0~20KHZ). Since the human ear is sensitive to high frequencies, it sounds like a loud noise. White noise, or white noise is A random signal or process with a constant power spectral density. In other words, the power of the signal is the same in each frequency band, and because white light is a mixture of monochromatic light of various frequencies (colors), with a flat power spectrum This characteristic of the signal is called “white”, so this signal is also called white noise.

The artwork displayed on citfm is not recorded, but generated by different professional systems, which allows designers to create unique audio works that can be linked and played without repetition.


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