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“Classic Manager” is a website dedicated to free songs of classical music and can be played without restrictions. The biggest feature is that we can play many famous classical music recordings more than half a century ago. Not only famous composers, but also famous conductors and performers.


“Classic Manager” mainly collects “classical music albums with expired copyrights” and “automatically filters public domain audio sources according to different national copyright laws”, providing high quality choices so that we can carefully appreciate how famous artists play famous songs. .

The “Classic Administrator” will analyze the classical music recordings, whether the composer has exceeded the prescribed time limit after the death, and whether the recording has been released beyond the prescribed time limit, so that the performance works become a public domain authorization.

The “Classic Manager” will also display its copyright information in each playable work. But one thing is not sure. Classical music works by “classic managers” were actually created by composers and recorded during the publication years after the Taiwan copyright period. But many classical music publishers transcribe, copy, and then release new CDS and albums in different years, and cannot claim that the copyright has expired.

Although the Classic Manager has the first publication of the recording year and recording, it does not explicitly indicate the source of the audio source file. This section does not seem to provide a more specific reference for users.


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