The Melon Music Awards, the annual major music awards held at the Melon Entertainment Festival in Korea since 2009, use only the digital music sales and online voting of the site to identify winners. The first melon music was held in 2009.The Melo Music Awards (MMA) is one of the major annual music awards in Korea and has been held since 2009. The awards are based on digital sales and online voting, “Annual Artist”, “Annual Album” ratings. “, “The Best Song of the Year” and “Best Newcomer of the Year” became the four major awards for fans. At that time, the most popular idols and annual groups will appear on the stage, and the intense reward atmosphere will make the programs push one by one. The climax, expensive sensory scenes will also present an audio-visual feast for the audience. The star-studded scene is an opportunity that any Korean enthusiast does not want to miss.


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