People think that the “classic” gives people a feeling of antique,sultry, and the reason is renamed “classic music.” Others call it “serious music,” based on the classic definition of tradition and seriousness in the Oxford English Dictionary. Therefore, “classical music” was put on a “serious” hat, making people more afraid of approaching.
People think of serious and long-lasting music. It can be seen that classical music is music that everyone loves. Classical music is an independent school. Its artistic skills emphasize washing and refining, pursuing rational emotional expression.“Music” refers to music created from the Middle Ages to the present, created in the context of mainstream European culture. It is different from pop music and folk music, mainly because of its complex and diverse creative skills and the heavy connotations it can bring. Geographically, these music are mainly created in Europe and the United States, which is related to non-Western music. In addition, Western classical music mainly records and disseminates music scores, while most folk music has different oral and psychological patterns.

these music can stand the test of time and resonate with audiences of different ages.

But if you study classical, the continuation of intent can be understood as ancient classical music (ancient + classic), but in general, the nature of classical music has regularity, balance, clarity and dedication. A form that emphasizes beauty is considered to have lasting value, not just in a particular era. This is also the difference between classical and classic.


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