Comedy is a kind of drama that is generally understood by the public as comedy or comedy movies, exaggerated techniques, clever structures, witty lines and portrayal of comic characters, which makes people laugh at ugliness and fun, and affirm normal life and good ideals. .
It can be divided into satirical comedy, impromptu comedy, lyrical comedy, absurd comedy and farce. The content may be social criticism with irony and political wit or wisdom, or pure farce, comedy or farce. The resolution of comic conflicts is usually active and usually ends with the hero’s progressive power to win or fulfill his wishes. On June 10, 1895, Louis Lumiere of France produced the world’s first comedy, watering the gardener. The portrayal of comic characters, which attracts ugliness, funny to ridicule, gives the ideal of normal life and beauty. The comedy originated in ancient Greece and evolved from the carnival parade during the harvest season to worship the god of wine. In comedy, the protagonist usually shows the ugly, beautiful and sad side of life, because he is funny, humorous, ugly and arrogant, and does not harm others. Due to the different perspectives and techniques of artists, comedies can be divided into different types. They include comedy satire, comedy improvisation, comedy humor, comedy comedy, positive comedy, comedy comedy and farce.

Happy comedy emphasizes the value of human beings. It transforms from expressing negative aspects of life to expressing positive aspects of life. Comedy is no longer used to criticize people’s vices, shortcomings and humility, but mainly to praise people’s virtues, wisdom and confidence. The absurd comedy distorts the most profound pains and deaths in life and sends them to the upside down comedy kingdom. On the other hand, farce comedy usually belongs to the original comedy category, that is to say, it makes people laugh through its interesting behavior and stupid teasing without its far-reaching meaning.
Comedy uses a variety of ways and techniques to make people laugh, such as movies and TV shows, and laughs with witty language and lines.

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