Country music (music) is a popular music with American national characteristics. It appeared in the southern United States in the 1920s and was rooted in British folk music, a representative of white American music. The characteristics of country music are simple tunes, steady rhythm, strong narrative, rich local flavor, warm and friendly, and no pop elements. Most of them are folk style, two-part style or trilogy style.The name was born in the United States in the 1920s and has many origins. The content of the song at that time, in addition to the expression of labor life, disliked the lonely wandering life, eager to warm and peaceful home, singing sweet love and the pain of falling out of love.In 1925, a radio station was established in Nashville, Tennessee. They opened a column called “The Past Opera – Old Country Music.” They invited an 81-year-old folk singer, Jamie Thompson, to sing, and the audience welcomed the show.Since then, people have collectively referred to this music as “country music.” Country music has become one of the favorite forms of music for American workers. In the United States, the “blue collar” refers to the lower class, so this music is also known as “blue collar music.”

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