The disco is the abbreviation of the disco, a discotheque, a discotheque made in France in the early 1960s. In the 1960s, with the update of music equipment, the ballroom could complete the work of the original band. As long as there is a record player and you can get all kinds of music at any time, it is economical. Therefore, the dance club does not hire a band to accompany them, but hires a record player to play the album to provide alternate dance. Gradually, people began to recall dance music from the disco.
DISCO is also a musical style, an electronic music.    Disco is a popular dance music that was one of the electronic music styles that emerged in the early 1970s. The music is relatively simple, with strong beats and powerful movements. In the mid-1960s, discos were introduced to the United States. It first spread in some black clubs in New York. In the early 1970s, it evolved into a form of music with national influence and became popular throughout the world after the mid-1970s.
In the 1980s, when Leslie Cheung’s “Monica” hit Hong Kong, disco music became popular in China. According to the music, the disco is usually dominated by 4/4 beats, with strong beats and excellent beats. Its speed is about 120 times per minute; its structure is short, the lyrics are simple, and there are many repetitions. In fact, all the music, just adjust the speed, change the beats of each beat very prominent, can turn into disco music.Disco marks the beginning of music, an early dance pop. Away from the enthusiasm of sound and funk in the 1970s, disco strongly adjusted the beats, even singers and songs. The disco was originally named after a disco, a nightclub that does not store any music discos outside the disco. Most discos in New York are discotheques, and DJS picks discotheque records, playing in a strong rhythm and heavy style. After the disco, the record began to play on the radio and became a big seller. Soon record companies and music producers began to cut down on all forms of music creation except disco. Of course, these records also have strong popularity factors, so they can be so successful. Disco albums usually don’t need to change too much – their long songs are often just beating. Similarly, these singles are released on a 12-inch album format, helping to extend the mixing time. DJS can mix these tracks and match the beats of each song as long as they are marked with the number of beats per minute. Disco always features strong beats and quickly gains an edge in popular music. Each band incorporates disco elements, from the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart to pop star Bee Gees and new wave bands like Blondie. Some disco bands have become stars – Dun Summer, Chic, Village People, and KC and Sunshine Band – they have played an important role in the creator’s music since they created the rhythm and created music. The disco lost steam in the 1970s and 1980s, but it did not die – it evolved into a variety of dance types, from amateur to professional.


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