Wedding in Heaven is Tom Barabas’ piano music album. Tom. The piano in Paris is inspired by its gorgeous Baroque style and the elegant Southern California rhythm.In 1989, the “Sedona Suite”, followed by “Classic Nouveau” such as “Wind Dancer”, and the success of the “Magic December” album, let Tom. Paris is the historical piano master of Billboard. The wedding of the angel is Tom. The album released in Paris in 1999, interpretation of the eternal love of space and space reincarnation, the whole album with you through the rebirth, memories, miss, search, fascination… such as the mythical moving movement, respectively, with Baroque And the two styles of the new century, intertwined with time and space. “Moon Dust” is just Tom Palmer. One of the many outstanding works is also one of my personal favorite songs, although it is not a solo work, and other instruments are only the main instruments of the piano supporting role, Richard Clay Deman piano with a maxim, compared with the difference between heaven and earth, the latter two mixed components are better works, the business route is often genius, and the absolute pure business route works are not musicians, but also many High – authentic. Moon dust on the moonlight dust, the translated sound name is in line with reality, indeed, fast fingering, compact notes, with a large wooden box, like the white light of the moon, projected on the surface of the earth, if the moonlight is dusty, then it is not in the air The dust, dust, like the moonlight, put together on the dust on the earth, from 0 seconds to 10 seconds, the opening paragraph, heard an open, starting from 10 seconds 5 minutes and 01 seconds, repeating the same The tone, then silence, fill the bass repression, sorghum, break the depression, the moon shines everything, high and low scale, make a beautiful picture.

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