The blues are the ancestors of jazz, rock and gospel songs. Initially, it was just a 12-bar model that was sung by slaves in the early days of the United States to express their feelings. Many blue notes are used to sing or play, which makes the music full of frustration and disharmony. But it is this “anti-bone” smell that later became popular in rebellious rock music. The way Bruce expresses himself directly in the song is very different from the music of the white society at the time. The Bruce spirit refers to a spirit of freedom and unconstrained spirit. The Bruce spirit simply sums up a group of materialists who formally spirit but also pursue material wealth to enjoy the spirit. They pursue the most important part of fashion and bring it to life, and then build a new concept of life, making it a new fashion. They are people who follow the trend and lead the trend.In the face of a tragic life, Blues music focuses on self-expression and originality or improvisation, while hip-hop culture is similar to it, focusing on enjoying freedom, while the voice of the erhu is very sad. This represents “the life of a hip-hop in the spirit of hip-hop blues”, quoted Lu Xun’s words, “a true warrior who dares to face a desolate life.”

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