Rhythm and blues


There are no real Rhythm and Blues. There are no real Rhythm and Blues.
Bruce is undoubtedly an important part of R&B, but the jazz element is equally important. It was first played by an African-American artist, combining the musical style of jazz, gospel music and electronic blues music.
This musical term was created by Billboard magazine in the late 1940s. Relevant records include editors of famous blues musicians, fifth album: Jumping Blue Classic, Louis Jordan’s Louis Jordan series and more. Rhythm and Blues (R&B and Blues) was performed by the first African American artists, combining jazz, gospel and electronic blues. This musical term was created by Billboard in the late 1940s.
The term was originally coined by Jerry Wexler of Billboard Magazine in 1947 as a marketing term for music, replacing Race Music (Race Music; Billboard classified it as a Harlem bestseller in 1949. The term was originally used to define music, rock music format It consists of 12 blues formats and jazz beats, which later became the basic elements of rock music.

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