World music is sometimes called Ethno pop. Music in a broad sense can refer to music from all over the world. In the case of the Western “European and American Cultural Center” concept as the dominant concept, the third world’s national music and national music are called “world music.” However, American black folk songs – Bruce, white folk music – country music, British folk music and other European folk music are themselves excluded from world music. Worldbeat is slightly different from the world of music because it is usually a mixture of Western music. Of course, Worldbeat still belongs to music because it draws its style, instrument and rhythm from a variety of local music.American pop music has taken over the world. Blues, jazz, rock, Sol and more are available all over the world, which has had a huge impact on the pop music world. In fact, all of these “United States” forms are actually genetic transfers of African descent, the rhythm of North American slavery. When these rhythms are slightly adjusted and returned to their homes in new forms, they affect the culture that once nurtured them and produced exciting hybrid music.

World music has had a major impact on the development of Western pop music. Interestingly, this effect is cyclical: African black culture has grown rapidly as a source of popular music, but when this American form of popular music returned to Africa, it led to the creation of global music.
In the 1980s, as the influence of music gradually expanded, musicians from all over the world (especially in Asia and Africa) fully demonstrated the more avant-garde contemporary consciousness through various advanced means, and then returned to promote the development of popular music. . Therefore, we can clearly see that music is not a world of isolation. It combines pop music, ethnic music and even traditional music.

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