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The local residents of Canada are Indians and Eskimos who have their own unique music. At the beginning of the 17th century, France and the United Kingdom competed to establish colonies in Canada, and immigrants brought their traditions. After the 18th century, European specialties music became more and more popular in Canada. Therefore, Canadian music is a music with many factors.The Indians are the oldest inhabitants of North and South America, and they have a long history of music. Its songs include samurai songs, hunter songs, witch doctor songs, ritual songs, love songs, and more. Non-porous clarinet, flute, drum, etc. Its music rhythm is rich and varied, sometimes using alternating rhythms. The scales are mostly five sounds, but there are also six and seven sounds. Indian songs have been mixed with the tones of European religious songs, but Indian music has basically maintained a unique look.
Canadian Eskimos are mainly distributed in the Arctic Circle, engaged in fishing, hunting and other labor. The Eskimo’s music is mainly singing, and its songs are related to labor, such as boating songs, hunting songs, and female labor songs. Related to everyday life are game songs, funny songs, cradle songs, and more. Many songs are singing and dancing. Instruments include drums, bells and Eskimo violins (3-string rectangular speakers). Eskimo music is basically mono music, composed of five scales.

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