Baroque refers to the irregular shape of the pearl, an art form, and the descendants of this artistic style are called the Baroque period. The music produced during this period is called Baroque music. The Baroque period was an era in the history of Western art, around the 17th century. Its earliest form of expression was Italy in the late 16th century, and in some areas, mainly German and South American colonies, it was not until the 18th century that it reached its peak in some respects.Baroque music has some features (baroque style). It has a powerful jumping rhythm. It uses multi-rhythm and polyphonic music polyphony methods. Baroque music was the basis for later development. In terms of vocal music, Baroque music has a strong religious color. At that time, the development of religious music in Western music accounted for a large part. The instrumental music of that period also developed rapidly, especially the development of string music, and its tone can better reflect the characteristics of Baroque. Representatives of that period were: Bach, Vivaldi and Handel. Bach is the father of music, so his reputation is very high. Vivaldi became famous for the four seasons. Handel is a melody master and his work is very elegant! 



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