“Classicism” is a rather vague term with several different and related meanings. Inappropriate use refers to music other than pop music, including all kinds of serious music, whenever it is written and for what purpose. Here, we refer to music about 1750, until Beethoven died in 1827.
Chinese classical music includes a variety of serious classical music periods. From 1750 to 1827, special representatives such as Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven were formed in Vienna, such as the high unity of reason and emotion. Through “classical”, we mean exactly the “classical classical” of ancient Greece and Rome, two great periods of Western civilization. Centuries have passed and people have come back and tried to learn from the cultural essence of the time. This was done during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods, but it was not until the mid-18th century that the rediscovery of the “classic” really began. In particular, archaeological discoveries show a simple, solemn, serene, powerful and elegant picture, typical of the newly discovered temples of ancient Greece and southern Italy. For example, in 1748, Pompeii discovered that its Chinese objects were copied by painters and shaped by sculptors, and were widely disseminated. Theorists studied the principles of their formation. Historians and estheticians (one of the most famous Germans Winkelman) are called “classical” because they are examples of this era, exploring the spirit of the artist, after this concept, such as the 18th century England The pressure of the painter Reynolds is the highest achievement of the ancient Greeks and Romans,and the theme of heroism and people’s suffering in their work.

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