Romanticism is a new school after Vienna’s classicism, which was born in the early 19th century. During this period, the artist’s creations were expressed in the worship of subjective emotions, the love of nature and the illusion of the future. The artistic expression has also changed more than ever, and there has been a romantic trend of thought and the formation and development of style.The difference between romantic music and classical music is that it inherits the tradition of classical composers and has carried out new explorations on this basis. For example, music should be combined with poetry, drama, painting and other arts besides music to promote integrated art; advocating headline music; it emphasizes the expression of individual subjective feelings, and works often have autobiographical colors. The work is full of fantasy and describes the essence of many works, because nature is calm, there is no contradiction, it is an ideal state; it attaches importance to drama, studies nationality and folk
Music literature, from nutrition, works with ethnic characteristics. In terms of art form and expression, it inherits the classical music school, but the content is very different, often using exaggerated techniques. It breaks through the limitations of classical music balance and complete form structure in the form of music, and has greater freedom. There are many musical instruments in the theme of single movement, mainly musical instruments such as improvisation, nocturne, Etude, folk songs, fantasia, preludes, non-lyrics and various dance music – mazurkas, waltzes, polkas, etc. In many musical short plays, piano short plays account for the vast majority. A large number of artistic songs appear in vocal works, and many vocal short films are joined together to form a cycle, such as Schubert’s “Beautiful Miller Girl”, “Winter Journey”, which is a romantic and innovative art-themed music school. Harmony is an important tool for expressing romance, expansion and free use of discord, 7 chords and 9 chords, as well as the shifts that often occur in semitones and music, expanding the range of harmony and expression, and enhancing the harmony of color. The composer created a multi-sports title exchange and a single-moving title symphony poem, an important form of romantic music.

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