New Century Music is a new style between electronic music and classical music. It is a form of music in the late 1970s. Because of its rich and colorful, it is full of changes. It is different from any kind of music in the past: it is not a single finger, but a kind of different, different symbol of the times. The improved music that changes and interprets the spiritual connotation can be attributed to the inner, so it is named the music of the new century and the new century. In fact, the correct reason is to promote the use of music to cleanse the mind and move from a new era.In the late 1960s, some German musicians incorporated the concept of synthesizer sound into the original sound-playing or improvisational way, which inspired many new musicians to explore new areas in a more diverse way. The music of this period has already taken shape in the new era. In 1973, when a group of musicians met at a music festival in San Francisco, they suddenly realized that they had much in common with each other, even if they had never communicated before. Their music is created from meditation and soul, which is different from previous music. They named this non-popular, non-classical and experimental music as New Age, which refers to “epoch-making new century music.” The new era of music in the 1990s is a diverse place. The music industry has formed new strengths, each with its own unique advantages. Because of this, the new era is not just a term that simply defines the difference in musical style, but a new century style that symbolizes the evolution of the times and the enhancement of spiritual connotations.
There is a small allusion here, the new era, referring to the Aquarius era (Aquarius era) and Western mystics, the symbol that human beings are entering the era of Aquarius. Human beings will change from pursuing material to exploring our soul. Although some people are in material , color, language, religion, etc. are different, but there is one thing in common in the human mind. Therefore, everyone is the same origin and equal. As the creator of the Secret Garden, Loveland said: Everyone has a secret garden in mind. You can seek comfort here. This is true when you listen to a song from the Secret Garden alone.


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