“Giloo” calls for “recognizing the world again”. Giloo brings you the world’s newest, most important and most classic film festival films and documentaries. Please take advantage of your most comfortable location, wonderful stories from around the world, and get lost!Giloo’s foundation is online video streaming services. We collect the latest film festivals and classic documentaries from around the world, bringing leading directors and stories from around the world to your computer. Once you become a subscriber, you can watch any movie on Giloo without time or multiple times without any ads. Giloo publishes at least 10 new movies every month, and there are always new content waiting to be discovered!Music and sound seem to be fleeting, but they can leave traces and even spread in the hearts of the audience. In addition to sensory pleasure, the origin of sound creation is also reflected in a specific social context. Whether it is to fight mediocrity or to live in harmony with the land of daily life, not only to convey cultural memory, but also to gather people around.



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