After 18 years of trying to write the Chrome extension during the Spring Festival holiday, SPS is a music extension for listening to music and radio. Looking back at the history of the next version, the spare time is accumulated little by little, and there are dozens of iterations of the big and small. SPS is an acronym for two names: search for playing songs and searching for playing sounds. Version 2.4.3, because of the development of a good idea and unique features, dare to post on the BBS, and then did not expect to be affected by popular software, minority, different dimensions of software recommendations, more people plus group, many more junior The problem needs to be processed one by one, and then there is such a page, the introduction of SPS.
Several features of the SPS will be mentioned separately below. First, we’ll discuss copyright issues because it’s just for the convenience of searching for songs. Therefore, from the copyright side, we will make the following commitments: do not use SPS for any payment or profit, do not accept any form of donation, do not provide song downloads, do not enlarge the manufacturer’s special playlists, comments and other resources.
Currently, only Xia Mi supports foreign visits, and other interfaces only support domestic visits. Please notify. Because I like music, but the songs of every big music website are incomplete, I want to do a direct search for tools that can listen to songs, don’t cut them.


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