In this article, we use DADGAD tuning to explain how guitarists like Jon Gomm, Andy Mckee and Newton Faulkner create percussive effects by tapping the body.
With Newton Faulkner’s album sales and guitarists like Andy McKee and Jon Gomm becoming the sensation of the Internet, adding percussion to acoustic guitar work has become a popular technique. The combination of bass, melody and percussion makes this technology challenging.
 The way we play it is to treat your instrument as a group of tambourines and then hit the body to make a tambourine, snare drum and cymbal sound. But be careful not to break your guitar. We warned you!There is no standard way to play these sounds, but you’d better always pay attention to your movement efficiency. In the example below, we play the bass and snare drum near the sound hole so that the right hand doesn’t have to move very far; play the cymbal with the left hand. Finally, we recommend that you connect your guitar to the amplifier and add some reverb to enhance the percussion instrument.


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