What is the reason for the guitar running? Complete 12-step problem discovery guide


No one likes to adjust endlessly, so let’s get rid of these annoying problems and play happily.Professional guitarists can forgive stage guitar technicians to adjust all equipment before the show. No one will like this job. So, in this tutorial, we’ll share some tips you can use in a guitar repair shop to solve small problems that cause the strings to run. In our last push of the Hold-string: Guitar Tuning Knob Replacement Guide, we learned how to install the tuning knobs and explained why they are just part of the running string. This exhaustive list is useful because of the many reasons that strings run. The following list contains 12 small steps to minimize friction and keep components stable.
The guitar chosen here is Gibson es-335. The owner of the guitar wants to install a set of 13-53s strings that can be adjusted to standard tunes. We have also added some other types of instrument examples as demonstrations.


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