In jazz, having the same chords at different times is a tough question for beginners, but the arpeggios for the same attribute chord are the same, we only need to practice a few of the most common Chords of chords to try improvisation!
You have all heard or bounced on the autumn leaves. “This song, the AAB-style tunes, the 8th + 8 + 16 songs have four chords, seven, seven, seven, seven vii vii chords. Their basics cover the harmony of traditional jazz ninety, eight and eight, and other similar chords and increased chord appearance frequencies are not so high.

The chords of the same attribute used on different time scales are different, such as a profession, with two big seventh chords in one level 7, and five big sevens in the other, and two chords using completely different scales. A professional second and third level 6 is the seventh chord, which is used in a different scale; the dominant seventh chord also uses completely different scales in primary and secondary terms.

In this article, there are only four chords, but the scale is much more than that.
Although the four chords correspond to more than four scales, their corresponding arpeggios are the same. The seventh chord is both level 1 and level 4. Its voice is 1 3, 5, 7, Dorian and Aeolian. It is the seventh chord. Phrygian, the chord arpeggio is 1 b3 5 b7, which is the primary or secondary seventh chord, and the arpeggio is 1 3 5 b7.


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