MusicToday| Independent music search and download site


Music Today is an independent music resource library where you can find independent
music from around the world, including Rock, Alternative, Rap, POP, Electronic and
Metal. The best way to access this site is to install the AD Blocker plugin in your

Find this site because there are many fans in the public who want to find a song from

the video. You first need to identify the name of the song in the video, then find it
by search and find that the song is in SoundCloud, but it failed, but Find it in
“Today’s Music” and you can download it, so recommend a website for your collection.
Here’s how to find an unknown song, also known as “music recognition.” Many similar
websites that have been updated in the past have failed, but there is a mobile music
recognition application called Shazam that is very accurate. The phone can be installed
and used for quick search.


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