The Music Forum is a leading professional music community in China. It is a non-profit website. It was established in January 2005 and officially opened for registration in March 2005. It has been in development for 6 years and has more than 700,000 members, an average of 600 per day. High activity.Pepsi-Cola has attracted a large number of music lovers with its high-quality music resources. Early on, it mainly used high-quality MP3 format music, HIFI collection, Chinese pop music, foreign language pop music, classical music, DISCO music, blues jazz, national folk songs, rock and roll, new Century light music, video MV and other boutique parts. With its unique resources to influence many fans.

Founded in 2008, BT Lossless BBS, for reasonable reasons, now the network disk non-destructive board collects the world’s various styles and the introduction and sharing of music types in schools and regions, and is loved by fans.


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