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Founded in 2009, Yinyue Tai is a music sharing platform that focuses on high-definition MV online viewing and communication. According to the speed of releasing new songs, the MV works are presented to users for the first time by screening the content provided by netizens.Yinyue Tai, watching music. First of all, this is a music website. Choose MV as an entry point into the Internet music market. It looks like a subdivided video site on the surface. It is not impossible to understand it in this way, but the focus of yinyue Tai is music, not video. Not a video, but a music community. Yinyue Tai was officially launched in July 2009 and has received great support and love from music users. It launches the “UGC + Comments” content mode to provide users with the highest quality MV enjoyment. There are more than 3,000 rice balls and the total number of rice balls is more than 10 million. In 2010, it achieved more than 15 times growth without any advertising investment, becoming the largest MV music website in China.

Interaction is not only the soul of music websites, but also the soul of the Internet. The interaction is everywhere in yinyue Tai.
Due to the particularity of performance images, the MV itself is easier to interact than MP3. As can be seen from the MV comments, there are nearly 10,000 popular MV reviews. The reference and forwarding of MVs is also an interactive representation. Quotes and forwarding of yinyue Tai videos can be seen on all open platforms. In addition, MV recommendations, Yue Dan and rice balls are also important tools for your interaction. In the future, yinyue Tai will launch more features to better serve the interaction of netizens.

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