QQ Music Music is China’s largest online platform. It is China’s leading legal digital music service provider in the Internet field. It is a free music player launched by Tencent, providing users with convenient, smooth online music and rich music community services. The majority of the library online audition, karaoke lyrics mode, the most popular new Internet starter, ringtone download, super convenient music management, green diamond users can enjoy high quality music, you can also download copyrighted music, free space background music Set up and watch MV privileges.

The QQ music player is a player with excellent music recommendation. It is a charging music player that uploads music functions. It is one of the few players who can’t collect local music. It listens to music when you’re bored and supports online and local music. It is the most abundant music platform in China. Its unique music search and recommendation features let you enjoy the most popular and popular music. As long as you have a QQ music player, you have your own pop music!
Every week, the top ten singers in each category (such as male singers) are listed to reach the peak! There are 500, but only the top ten can be enlarged.

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