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Focusing on copyright music, Xingmai Music mainly focuses on the digital culture industry, covering the entire industry chain of “content-channel-terminal” in the field of digital video and audio, spanning the Internet, mobile terminals, TV media and other communication platforms. Through the in-depth cooperation with many portals and media, Music Network enables the rapid spread of original music.At present, starpulse music has successfully promoted more than 500 original songs and cooperated with more than 200 media. Since the launch of Sina Weibo and Renren’s public homepage, the projects with them have not only promoted the promotion of the website, but also solicited a group of outstanding music producers to add new highlights to the website business. Users can also interact and communicate with the starvein music network through this channel, and also promote and collaborate on original music resources to push original music resources to another peak in the true sense. Music has developed into one of China’s leading original music promotion and interactive entertainment platforms.

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