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You may also prefer to use the desktop music client to play music on your hard drive;
Or Gprs monthly mobile phone users like to spend time listening to music on the Internet;
Or you are a geek of iphone / ipad, wifi or 3G network and music entertainment anytime, anywhere.
Many times, you have two.Many meters have found that many people have experienced this when listening to songs: I have inadvertently found a pleasant listening song on the website or music software, because I don’t remember the title of the song, I can’t find it forever, I can only look forward to the future fate. Meet again… carefully sorted out some music lists on the website, mobile music list from scratch, mobile phone, PC music for two days…

Every time you change your life scene, do you need to start from scratch?

In order to solve this problem, according to the characteristics of different devices, a small and gorgeous music player, mobile phone, PC, network platform data synchronization, personal music information sharing. It makes it easier to collect songs, create lists and develop your own personal music library.

Domi Music is committed to the development of a perfect combination of music and entertainment multimedia brands and networks. Domi Music has a large number of high-quality music libraries, based on online listening, music search, free download, professional music recommendation service, when you want to approach the music trend, Domi music provides a leaderboard single; when you want to immerse yourself in Domi music is always available in this world.

At the same time, domi music is a completely free software that does not charge users any fees. The mobile communication carrier charges the mobile phone user the data fee of the mobile service generated during the use of the domi music. Therefore, we recommend that mobile phone users customize the corresponding data scheme for mobile communication operators, or choose WIFI network to use multi-meter music to reduce the related data costs.

Domi Music will continue to introduce more convenient and personalized music products based on the user experience.

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