KuGou Networks is China’s leading provider of digital music interactive services and a leader in Internet technology innovation, providing the best solution for the development of Internet users and the digital music industry.Since the establishment of the company, it has been vigorously developing bold attempts to digital music, working with many record companies to explore the development ideas of copyright management organizations, accumulating a large number of digital copyrights, and promoting a wider cross-industry, cross-platform cooperation. Work hard to make a contribution in the difficult global digital music process.
In the field of technology promotion, the company has created a number of international leading technologies, advanced shared interactive networks, data transmission solutions and efficient distributed without centralized search, the only global feature recognition technology, accurate dynamic karaoke lyrics and music recommendation management system. Etc. also fills the gap in domestic technology and leads the development of a new generation of Internet architecture technology.
KuGou provides high quality products and services and has become one of the most popular Internet products services for young Chinese users, including personal digital photo album DIY, cool dog entertainment information trend leader, 24/7 live online music radio and mobile music player. , audio-visual, interactive, enabling users to enjoy the fusion of KuGou entertainment services. Cool Dog Technology attaches great importance to cooperation and development with the industry, and has established good partnerships with many well-known domestic and foreign brands, Yahoo, Sina, Ebay, BenQ, Rolling Stone, R2G and other institutions.

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