Aroque: Baroque visual music performance


Baroque style is another example of the late Baroque period. For example, Baroque has no training period. For example, Baroque has no training period.The music of the Baroque period refers to the European and magnificent, exquisite music of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is generally believed that from 1600 to 1750, from Verdi in Vermont to Bach and Handel, the word “Baroque” (Baroque) is derived from Portuguese, meaning that the shape is not a round or imperfect pearl. A term building in the field is then gradually used in the field of art and music.

Baroque music has the following characteristics – its rhythm is particularly strong, active, short and rhythmic; the melody is delicate, flexible, continuous; using multi-rhythm and polyphonic music. Composers generally emphasize the emotional ups and downs of the work, so the speed and power of music at that time is very important. The tone of the song also evolved from the single and conservative church style of the Renaissance to the primary and secondary styles.

Baroque. My website is a visual performance page designed using HTML5 technology. It comes from a simple idea: all the notes as a string are replaced by the classic symbol stream on the page.

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