Hangzhou Mege Catering and Entertainment Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, referred to as Meg, and is committed to creating the concept of new trade trends KTV. Although Meg is a new army, with advanced management concepts and excellent management team, it is fast. Occupy a place in Hangzhou KTV. Meigge has a unique brand concept – “trend”, always adhere to the brand concept is the key to the popularity of meigge in a short time. The young white-collar workers and high-consumer groups of fashion trends are the hallmarks of audience positioning. It is the first priority to mark the songs from all aspects. The customer-oriented service is always based on this.At present, KTV has three stores in Hangzhou, including Huanglong Store, Youth Store and Wulin Store, and Shanghai has the flagship store of Admiralty Square. The stable position of Hangzhou and Shanghai in the industry is currently the primary goal of MCG. The second store in Shanghai is in the pipeline. Starting from Hangzhou and Shanghai, the company will gradually occupy the Zhejiang and Shanghai markets by using the brand effect. Then enter the Yangtze River Delta region and the national market, this is the grand blueprint of Mark Song, marking the song people come to this great goal by their own way


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